Who should undergo Echocardiography?

Echocardiography is only recommended by the cardiologist when someone exhibits certain signs and symptoms of heart problems, such as shortness of breath, rise in palpitations, sudden abnormal swelling in the legs. These signs often indicate heart failure as it may fail to pump sufficient oxygen-rich blood to meet the body’s requirement. With Echocardiography, your doctor understands the functioning of the heart valves and chamber and how well the heart is pumping blood.

Besides, numerous other conditions relating to heart disorders can be identified through Echocardiography. One of the neglected signs, Heart murmurs, can be easily detected through the screening that gives an early warning of impending heart problems.

Echocardiography is mainly performed to ensure specific conditions;

  • To detect the changes in the heart’s size- People suffering from high blood pressure, kidney infections, leaky heart valves, or congenital heart defects are diagnosed with an enlarged heart. In these conditions, echocardiography helps recognise the increased thickness of ventricles and its effect on heart health.
  • People who have already experienced heart attack may have developed weak heart muscles or have the risk of an abnormal pumping rate. The weakening of the heart muscles can result from hidden coronary heart ailment showing the sign of insufficient blood supply.
  • Echocardiography also helps to detect heart valves’ functioning. It shows if they are opening or closing rightly or not.
  • Echocardiography is performed to check for blood clots and tumors in stroke and heart attack cases.
  • Echocardiography or (Fetal Echo) is performed to detect congenital heart defects that represent the abnormality in the heart structure during pregnancy or at the time of birth.

The cardiologist usually suggests Echo screening to observe the heart’s functioning after a particular treatment is used for stroke or heart failure.

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