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    Same Day
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    Report overnight fasting to Center

Package Description

This is a advanced package that will give you information about your heart (Blood supply to heart & narrowing of blood vessels), diabetes, good or bad fat in blood, kidney function, markers for risk of heart attack etc. IN ADDITION HBA1c Level gives information about average of sugar level of last 3 months.Extended lipid profile gives more information about your good and bad cholesterol levels.CRP (Cardio) and Homocysteine are independent markers for cardiac disease. Urinary Microalbuminuria gives early information about kidney damage in high blood pressure/ diabetes.ECG gives information about heart.CT Coronary Angiography - Is a OPD based (no admission needed) non-invasive, painless examination of coronary arteries which supply blood to heart muscles. It is a safe procedure which can localise, visualise and quantify the evidence of coronary artery disease, & in addition gives calcium scoring.The 500 Slice CT - On which this coronary angiography is done is available only at a few leading centre in India. Requirement is to control heart rate to get good coronary angiogram. You need to be fasting overnight, preferably avoid diabetes drug on same morning to avoid low blood sugar, do not smoke, exercise & do not take coffee / tea / alcohol & preferably take prior appointment., 011-47111141, 42 Stress Thallium / MPI Scan- Is an excellent modality to assess the blood supply to the heart muscles – during rest & during exercise. In certain category of disease like diabetes, high blood pressure- the main coronaries arteries may be patent but we suffer from what is called is known as small vessel disease i.e. small vessel get clogged. Ultimately net result is that heart muscles are not getting required blood supply even though angiography may be near normal. In stress thallium we are able to assess small vessel disease also. This test beautifully complements CT angio to complete the study of heart. (20 LAB TESTS + CT CORONARY ANGIO +ECG+STRESS THALLIUM)

Individual Investigation

• Blood Sugar-Fasting
• B. . Glycosylated Hb (Hb A 1c) (Hb A1c, Estimated average glucose- 2 Test)
• S. Urea
• S. Creatnine
• Extended Lipid Profile (Cholestrol, HDL, LDL, TGS, VLDL, Non-HDL, Apo A1, Apo B, ApoA1: APO B, Lipo a- 10 tests).
• Blood Homocysteine
• Blood hsCRP
• Urinary Microalbuminuria (Albumin, creatinine , ratio- 3Test)
• CT
   CT Coronary Angiography
   Stress Thallium (Myocardial Perfusion Scan)
• E.C.G.
   Routine E.C.G

Precautions :

Report overnight fasting to LAB . Take appointment for CT Coronary angiography and Stress thallium.