X Ray HSG (Including Gynaec’s fee) Delhi


1. It is done in post-menstrual phase after bleeding has completely stopped, else results can be un-reportable. There should not even be any spotting also for at least 2 days before study is done.
2. Preferably fasting for 3-4 hours.
3. patient is advised to take tablet Meftal spas, 30 minutes to 60 minutes before study to relieve any spasm of fallopian tubes and relieve pain.
4. . Uncommonly HSG may be failure due to various well documented reason like incompetent of spasm of fallopian tubes etc. patient may be advised laparosonic exam by her doctor under these circumstances.
5 Some degree of spotting is expected lasting from few hours to a day or two as a routine. Hence can bring a pad with you.



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Good service in a cost effective manner. Doctor consultation was very good, she explained my test report one by one in detail and suggested for having healthy diet and exercise. The person who collected the sample was also very good, he came on time, collected the sample with cleanliness and in a good manner. Overall nice experience. Keep up the good work Saral team!
Kumari Nutan, 10/01/19, Google Review

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