Mammography + Ultrasound (Single Breast) (Pkg).



  • You can also pay at home
  • Prior Appointment: Preferable
  • Report Overnight Fasting
  • Reports in 1-2 Days

1. If female age is less than 35 Years , USG breast is advised.
2. X-ray Mammography should not repeated before 1 year since last Mammography, if advised, pls consult Saral Radiologist, talk to referring Dr, Do sonomammography.
3. If you have breast implants, be sure to tell your technician before the time of your appointment.
4.If you are a breastfeeding mother inform before undergoing mammography.

Good service in a cost effective manner. Doctor consultation was very good, she explained my test report one by one in detail and suggested for having healthy diet and exercise. The person who collected the sample was also very good, he came on time, collected the sample with cleanliness and in a good manner. Overall nice experience. Keep up the good work Saral team!
Kumari Nutan, 10/01/19, Google Review

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