Is any other test done in place of stress echocardiography in patients who can’t exercise?

Yes, for such patients Drug-Induced Stress Echocardiography Test (also known as Dobutamine) is available under the cardiologist’s consultation only. The person will undergo stress echo test after getting ‘Dobutamine,’ an intravenous medication causing the heart to beat faster (just like the after-effects of cardio-exercises on the heart). The injection will increase the heart rate and enable the cardiologist to monitor the working of heart valves and chambers when it is “stressed” in real-life conditions.

Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography helps assess if the heart muscle is getting enough oxygen-rich blood, its structure, evaluate the cardiac status before heart surgery, and monitor the limitations required for a cardiac rehabilitation program, especially if someone is recovering from a heart attack.

One can quickly go back to follow the usual diet and activities unless the cardiologist suggests making some lifestyle changes to improve the conditions. Dobutamine stress echo test is safe and requires no extra care following the examination. However, if you feel nauseated or uncomfortable after the test, consult the concerned doctor immediately to seek medical attention.

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Good service in a cost effective manner. Doctor consultation was very good, she explained my test report one by one in detail and suggested for having healthy diet and exercise. The person who collected the sample was also very good, he came on time, collected the sample with cleanliness and in a good manner. Overall nice experience. Keep up the good work Saral team!
Kumari Nutan, 10/01/19, Google Review

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